Ayurved is an ancient Indian therapy related with herbal treatment. "Ayurved" term is derived from its ancient Sanskrit roots- 'Ayus' which stands for life and 'Veda' which symbolizes knowledge. Ayurved is highly effective in common and complicated ailments, assures long term relief and has no side effects. Medical tourism help provides its gentle healing touch to millions around the world with Ayurved therapy. Ayurved is a 5000 year old science of health care using herbs, physical massages and various other forms of therapy for many illnesses.

Nose Lift India

Nose surgery, nose reshaping, or nose job are known as Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. The nose occupies the major central area of the face, and thus determines to a major extent the face is considered attractive or not.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that improves either the appearance or function of the nose. Depending on the kind of nose job required, the surgery can involve reshaping the bridge of the nose, changing the tip of the nose, or removing some bone cartilage. Nose surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia.

After the surgery there is usually a dressing over the nose to protect it after Rhinoplasty, some patients might also require packs in each nostril. Swelling, pain, and numbness are normal after the surgery. The dressing will be removed within 1-3 weeks after nose surgery. Patients need to avoid catching colds and blowing their nose as this can cause bleeding or other complications after the surgery. Patients can usually resume non-strenuous work once the plaster has been removed after a couple of week. Patients should also avoid direct sunlight, heavy weight lifting, and aerobic exercise until the area has fully recovered.

You may be considering Rhinoplasty to enhance your appearance, or for reconstructive purposes such as correcting birth defects or traumatic injuries to the nose.

  • To correct a crooked nose or deformity as a result of injury
  • Have difficulty breathing as a result of nasal passage obstruction
  • For cosmetic reasons (to enhance the shape of their nose).


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