Ayurved is an ancient Indian therapy related with herbal treatment. "Ayurved" term is derived from its ancient Sanskrit roots- 'Ayus' which stands for life and 'Veda' which symbolizes knowledge. Ayurved is highly effective in common and complicated ailments, assures long term relief and has no side effects. Medical tourism help provides its gentle healing touch to millions around the world with Ayurved therapy. Ayurved is a 5000 year old science of health care using herbs, physical massages and various other forms of therapy for many illnesses.

Hemodialysis India

When the persons kidney fail dialysis is a treatment at that stage of the kidney disease. Dialysis cleans the blood and removes unwanted wastes and excess water from the body. At times dialysis is a temporary treatment. When the kidney function fails to work permanent the patient have to continue the dialysis on a regular basis. The other option other than dialysis is a kidney transplant. There are two types of dialysis one is Hemodialysis and the other one is peritoneal dialysis.

Hemodialysis is a method for removing unwanted products such as potassium and urea, as well as free water from the blood when the kidneys are in renal failure. Out of the renal replacement therapies Hemodialysis is one of them and the other two are renal transplant and peritoneal dialysis.

Regular Hemodialysis is conducted either in a big hospital or a standalone clinic or health care centre. Hemodialysis can be done at Home. The difference is that in the hospital the dialysis treatment is done by specialized staff made up of nurses and technicians and at home it is done by himself or done jointly with the help of a trained helper who maybe a family member.

Hemodialysis cleans and filters the patient’s blood using a machine to temporarily relieve the patient’s body from the harmful wastes, additional salt, and extra water. Hemodialysis will control the blood pressure and keeps the body from the proper balance of important chemicals such as potassium, sodium, calcium and bicarbonate.

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